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The Full 90 with Mike Avery

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

90 word refections on coaching.

(Not as easy as it sounds, but neither is coaching.)


Reflection 10

90 words on the "#oneVALPO Promise"

A challenge issued.

Hurtful abuse of one of our brothers slapped us all.

We came together.

We fought back.

The coming together helped us grow, but the fighting back held us back.

We needed to respond with hearts not react with fists.

Striking back was simple. We were far more complex than that.

We talked, listened, considered things from a new vantage point.

Collective understanding grew into a solid foundation.

The foundation became a platform.

We proudly stood atop and shared to the world all we had become.

We promised.


Take it, make it your own. Change the hash tag, change the pictures. Make it better. Share it to the world. I'm giving it to you because I think it will help send positive vibes into the world, and I think the the world needs positive vibes right now. I'm also giving it to you because I think it will help your team grow. Teams mean everything to me. My whole life was shaped by teams, teammates, coaches. Your team can not only change the world of the players on the team, but also the world for everyone else too. Teams are powerful. If this helps you realize that power, take it. It's yours.
  • Mike Avery (Former HC of Valparaiso University Men's Soccer / Author of #oneVALPO Promise)

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