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The Full 90 with Coach Mike Avery

90 word reflections on coaching. (Not as easy as it sounds, but neither is coaching.)

For Tayler... told you I was going to steal this from you - all the best coaches do that!


Prepare for the Full 90 with this simple warm-up exercise:

Look at the circle above.

Imagine inside the circle is your team.

Imagine the culture of this team is one where each individual players bought into the following:

REGULAR TIME (90): 90 words on 'Giving In'

Competition is not me against you - competition is me against me.

Toughness is not hardness - toughness is vulnerability.

Vulnerability is not weakness, vulnerability is strength.

Humility is not shame - humility is head up, eyes up, heart up confidence that I simply have more to learn.

“Giving in” is not “giving up” - giving in is fully offering yourself to your circle.

Here I stand - giving you all that I have.

Sharing all that we have together, with awe. Inspired by who we are becoming. Amazed.

I’m all in.

I give in.


“To hear him talk about community centered team building in the way that he did, I think is a whole new light… because when I’m thinking about community, I’m thinking about giving back and not necessarily, like, giving… I don’t want to say ‘giving in’ because that means something else - but, like, investing in an internal community… does that make sense?”

Tayler Onion, host of The Bloom Pod

(post conversation recap with Melissa Lutz - episode #22, December 7, 2020)

"Yes, Tayler, it makes total sense. Complete clarity. Thank you.- mike"


Tuesday, December 8, 2020 11:00am

from Mike Avery <>

to: Tayler

Here's one thing you taught me, and I will try to always remember to give you credit when I use it moving forward.

In the wrap you were discussing the idea of community and how you expected an answer of "giving back" - and how you instead got an answer of "giving in".

You then commented maybe "giving in" isn't the right phrase because it might signal some kind of ceding or defeat.

Just want you to know that "giving in" is the perfect phrase and I am stealing it from you!

What better way to describe the intentional process of giving of yourself, your story, to the group.

Perfect. Thank you.




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