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The Full 90 with Mike Avery

90 word reflections on coaching.

(Not as easy as it sounds, but neither is coaching.)


Reflection 7: 90 words on "communication".

30 years of coaching. I’m good at telling.

Pro really.

Practiced, concise, persuasive.

I build them up, fire them up, let them down gently.

I don’t negotiate - I navigate to where I want to go. Jedi mind trick.

If communication is competition, I win.

But, am I hearing, or am I listening?

Hearing is accidental. Listening is intentional.

Do I listen with compassion, curiosity, empathy?

Do I listen to fix, or listen to understand?

Authentic leaders communicate.

Not only inform, but also listen.

On purpose.

With purpose.

Listen to understand.


When I started they told me I only needed three chords and the truth... it turned out I could manage with two and some vague ideas.
  • Joe Strummer

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