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The Full 90 with Mike Avery

90 Word Reflections on Coaching

Not as easy as it sounds (but neither is coaching).

Regular Time (90):

Reflection 3 on "Climbing the Ladder"

You claw, scrape, climb.

One rung at a time.

It’s in your DNA.

You came from nowhere.

You advanced because you worked.

10,000 hours.

You reach (crushed!) your goal.

New goals, but the gains come slowly. Painfully.

The competition is greater.

The playing field not level.

The struggle is real.

And, you change.

Harder, tougher, calculated.

More competent, less joy.

More knowledge, less passion.

Time out. Breathe.

Remember empathy, compassion, kindness?

Remember authenticity, vulnerability, connection?

Remember ‘over and out’?

Get over yourself.

Get out of your own way.

Ok? Climb.

Extra Time (90+):

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