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THE FULL 90 with Mike Avery

90 word reflections on coaching. (not as easy as it sounds, but neither is coaching.)

REGULAR TIME (90): 90 words on "when 3 + 1 > 4"

A special day in our family.

Not a birthday. The first day our adopted son came home.

"Gotcha Day".

We did not look alike.

We didn't speak a word of the same language.

We communicated through nods and smiles and gestures, but we found our groove.

It was love from before first sight. He didn’t just fit in, he finished us. A forever family.

Coaches, shouldn’t we celebrate the day each person arrives, helps us grow, finishes this new and improved version of us?

Couldn’t we celebrate everyone's "Gotcha Day"?


First car ride home. Bro's. Thick as thieves from day one.

3 + 1 > 4

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