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The Full 90 with Mike Avery

90 word reflections on coaching. (Not as easy as it sounds, but neither is coaching.)

REGULAR TIME (90): 90 words on "A Time for Heroes"...

I see you.

I understand.

After 13 years, my job ended with a five minute conversation.

“You and me babe, we now teach our kids how to handle things when life gets tough.”

My first words to my wife.

When the world rocks, we roll.

Everyone has a story.

Not just you, everyone.

Rocky times. Let’s roll.

You are more important now than ever before.

Don’t wait for the next chapter, WRITE IT!

Grab your cape, hero. (And your mask!)

Your people are waiting. They need you.

Rock and roll.



This time now can't be spent on what we assumed we would be spending it on. That's real, and that's sad, and the sadness has to be given its due respect. It has to be treated with the respect of our kindness and empathy. But, the former plans also have to be set aside - at least for now - and we have to turn our attention to answering these questions:

"Ok, how will we now spend this time we have?"

"In what new direction can we stretch, so we will be better prepared when we get back to the original script?"

May I be so bold as to suggest something like this?

If I can help, I'm here. - Mike

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