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Turning the game inside out.
With purpose.

On purpose.



Leadership is Influence - Transformational Leadership is Intentional Influence

"With a lifetime spent in sport - as a young player, a club player, a high school player, a college player, a professional player, a college coach for almost 30 years and now as a professional coach - my whole life has been an inside to out study of teams. 

What makes teams work? Why are some teams successful while others are not? How can we intentionally create a culture that allows each individual to fully express herself or himself so that the team can fully become all that it might be?

Center Circle Influencers was created to help intentional sport leaders create an environment where team members can thrive. Through relationships and partnerships of mentoring, consulting, teaching, coaching and collaborative ideation, Center Circle Influencers will help you become the best version of you so that your team can then be the best version it can be. 


We are turning the game inside out - with purpose, and on purpose - starting with YOU, and spreading to every ring of your ever expanding circle of influence."

-  Coach Mike Avery, Founder / CEO


With a strong portfolio of varied methods of creating intentional influence, Center Circle Influencers could be the perfect fit to help you achieve the balance and discover the knowledge you crave.   Whether you are an athlete, a coach, or a leader in any field, Center Circle can help you be more intentional with your decisions and have greater impact with your relationships.  If you are interested in a one touch consult to stimulate ideas, a series of planned interactions designed to improve performance or a season-long relationship of mentoring and consulting, Center Circle will INFLUENCE the way you approach leadership by working with you - for you.   


Read below to learn more about what we have to do to help you grow.


Consulting & Mentoring Partnerships

The Center Circle of Coaches are a collection of sport leaders who understand that "it's lonely at the top" can be more than an often repeated cliche' - and that for many coaches, administrators, managers, and CEOs of all industries, isolation can be a real by-product of leadership that needs your attention.  From the youth game through professional sport, coaching can be a lonely position.  Your staff works for you and tells you what you want to hear; you work for your bosses and with them you need to communicate confidence; your friends are coaches like you - and ultimately your competitors - so with them you only go so deep.  Your family support you, but really... who wants to bring work home all the time?  Outsiders are quick to judge and have plenty of opinions, but they are on the outside.


So, who do you talk to?  Where do you turn for guidance, advice, inspiration?


Our Center Circle of Coaches is a select group of clients with whom we seek intentionally to influence through confidential consulting and mentoring partnerships.


Are you being intentionally challenged to grow as a leader?  Do you need a check of alignment on your actions and behaviors to your coaching mission?  Are you making the impact you hope to be making on your players and staff? 


What about life / work balance?  Are your priorities in order?


Are you achieving your goals and still leaving everyone around you with their dignity?


Want to talk team culture, staff or player management?  Recruiting strategies?  Marketing, social media messaging, fundraising ideas?  Training, tactics?  Sport is constantly evolving, are you?

Handling a boss, managing a board of directors?  Parent issues?   

Maybe you need guidance about navigating your career path? 

The Center Circle is 100% confidential, designed specifically for you to support you.


Center Circle Influencers Founder Coach Mike Avery, builds a presentation experience that addresses specifically the needs of your audience.  Packed with practical application and relatable real-life stories, the audience is given a positive message that fuels a desire to put the knowledge provided into immediate action.  Whether it is an intimate locker room setting with just your team, a school assembly hall packed with students, a club wide meeting of families, a board room, a staff retreat, or anything else you might have in mind, Coach Avery brings a lifetime of stories and a reputation as an engaging and inspiring voice to highlight your event.  Specializing in conversations about community building, the energy of kindness, choosing awe over judgement, and the celebration of diversity, the longtime college coach, current professional coach, author and creator of the #oneVALPO Promise is certain to connect with your audience.

Reach out today and book Coach Avery for your next event.





Modern athletics has placed a premium on the development of the whole athlete - physical, technical, tactical, mental, emotional.  Incredible research and resources have been brought to bear that a better person makes a better athlete. The math on this is simple.  


Creating a transformational culture is the surest path to developing a high performance team.   A culture where individual members are valued, heard, seen and celebrated is what sets a special team apart from the rest. 


As a validated Equilibria in Sport coach, Coach Mike Avery can lead you and your team through Equilibria in Sports' Essential Leadership Cycle designed to create high performance teams and intentional leaders. 


Enhanced communication and collaboration is achieved through the use of Equilibria's proprietary Personality Diversity technology and Personal Intervention tools. 


Equilibria in Sports is a game-changing addition to any team, so contact us today to learn how EQIS can help transform your team.



Professional athletes, college athletes, high school athletes, young athletes, and high performers of all pursuits can improve in areas of motivation, mindset, focus, optimism, positivity, and balance.  A performance paradigm coach might be just the addition needed to take your individual performance to the next level. 


Center Circle Influencers will design a program based on your pursuits, and work with you in one on one consultations to guide you to your goals. 

You've hired the personal trainer, the private coach, the tutor - maybe a Center Circle performance coach can help you finally unlock your potential with mindful influence on intention and positive focus?

Contact us today for a free 30 minute consult!

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As we contemplate this 'new normal' there are a number of things we know for sure - now more than ever. We know we need each other.  We know we are better together than we are alone.

Mike Avery, Founder & CEO of Center Circle Influencers


Valparaiso IN, USA

1 (219) 309-6495

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