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The Full 90 with Mike Avery

Updated: May 19, 2020

90 Word Reflections on Coaching.

Not as easy as it sounds (but neither is coaching).


Reflection 1: 90 words on when it ends.

This long, slow, silence of the “new normal” challenges.


Alone, save for my thoughts.

No clarity forward. I look back.

Can’t remember the wins. Only the losses.

The pain of regret doesn’t fade. It hides.

Patiently waiting to resurface. Stronger. Matured.

Retrospective reflection is valuable. I believe that. I crave it.

To fail with curiosity instead of shame is toughness.


Did I leave it better than I found it?

It’s the only question that matters.

Embrace the answer first. Fully.

Okay, now on to the rest.



“It started off as a song of defiance, about this woman: She’s metaphorically seeing the diary of her life pass by, and she’s thinking, ‘You know what? I have no regrets.’ She’s raising a glass to it.”

- Noel Gallagher to NPR on writing “Don’t Look Back In Anger” for Oasis in 1995

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